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rji technical sales is a technical, consultative,
manufacturers sales representative firm working
within the component test, burn-in and failure
analysis segments of the semiconductor industry.

Our  primary emphasis is on microelectronics
Manufacturers and the companies who support them.

Our firm is focused on you, our customer.  While we
are a manufacturer's sales firm by definition, we are
also business people focused exclusively on helping
you and your company achieve your strategic goals by
providing mission critical products & services on-time
and on-budget.

rji does business throughout the South Central and
Southwestern United States.

rji is headquartered in North Texas, outside the
Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.  

Sockets & Test Contactors
Semiconductor ATE
Semiconductor Device Test Handlers
Semiconductor Burn-In Systems
Burn-in Boards, DUT Boards, Etc.
Semiconductor Failure Analysis Equipment
Thermal Solutions for Test and Burn-In
Probe Stations

And now ...

Burn-In Services & Reliability Testing
ESD & Latch Up Testing
Failure Analysis
Electroglas Probe Station Service & Sales
Our 33rd Business Anniversary
Our Primary Business Segments