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Here is a list of the companies whose products and services we presently sell.  RJI is under contract with each of these firms
to provide technical sales and support in the respective sales territories.
Company Name                                  Product or Services Performed

Abacite Test Solutions                  Burn-in ovens and environmental chambers
Anida Technologies                     Consulting, engineering services & mechanical design
Contech Solutions                        Test sockets, receptacles & custom fixtures
    Custom BI sockets, test probes for TSE BIB testers                      
Incal Technology                          Burn-in equipment, drivers and systems
Innovative Circuits Engineering   Service facility - BI Lab, Reliability Tests, FA, ESD Latch Up       
Tests, BI Lab with emphasis on ICs, Solar Panels, LEDs, etc.
Nippon Scientific                          Chemical decap systems, RIE systems, curve tracers
    Laser decap systems, backside prep systems
MicroXact                                     Wafer probe stations utilizing magnetic fields
                                                      General purpose automation and semi-automatic probe
                                                      stations, manipulators and other accessories

Peak Automation                          Semiconductor device handlers for WLCSP, QFN, etc.
    Custom automation solutions for devices, die and wafer
Precision Contacts                        Test contacts and test contactors for handler applications
Stresstest, Inc.                                THB, HTOL, Burn-In boards and related products
    Custom fixturing and PCB assembly
Sensata                                          Thermal solutions for test and burn-in applications
    Burn-in sockets, for most popular package styles
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