RJI Technical Sales, through an arrangement with our parent
company RJI Management, is able to offer many of the
individual components we represent at standard retail prices.   
The Semi Products Group, the group that provides this retail
sales service, works closely with RJI Technical Sales to insure
the best products for your specific needs at the lowest
possible price.    In fact, through our financial arrangements
with the companies RJI represents in Texas, many of the
products are offered at the manufacturer's suggested retail
price.   This price is often the same as the factory direct pricing
you would enjoy if you had direct terms with the manufacturer
of the product.   

Here is a sampling of components we offer through the RJI
Semi Products Group.
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Credit Terms

RJI accepts credit cards (American Express,
MasterCard, and VISA) and conventional
purchase orders with approved credit.   

We also accept many of the corporate
purchasing cards used by many of the major
semiconductor manufacturing firms.  

Please contact one our sales staff to discuss
this in more detail.   Call 469-656-2022 or

Test Sockets

RF Sockets

Test Contacts

Handler KITs


Burn-in Sockets

Burn-in Probes


Socket Adapters

Wafer Probes

FA Test Sockets

FA Holding Tools


Gasket Material

Quartz Lids

Contact your local sales person for
immediate assistance on any of your
individual component needs.    If there are
items of interest not noted here please ask.  
We are very interested in expanding this
portion of our business.

Click here to go to the RJI sales contact
Products are also available from firms that RJI Technical Sales
does not represent.    Through our many years of supporting
the semiconductor industry in Texas we have expanded our
network of product sources, both here, nationally and
internationally.   Feel free to contact us regarding any products
you use regularly, or those you purchase on only rare
occasions.    We are happy to assist.   
Semi Products Group is part of RJI family of companies.   
Contact RJI Management, LLC for more information, if
RJI, PO Box 1957, Department A, McKinney, TX 75070